Curls For Girls + A Painted Mannequin

Friends and I attended an art show of sorts in Deep Ellum this weekend and saw a few interesting things...

This giant rubber ducky painting

This spraypainted mannequin lady

And this T-shirt art, which I thought had a nice little message


I attempted to create a bouncy hairstyle using a technique that a lovely dancer on the team in Tokyo taught to me. Ladies - if you ever use hot rollers but have trouble keeping the curl after you remove them, try pinning the curls. Por ejemplo: after you remove a roller from a section of hair, recoil the section back up against your head and pin it using a bobby pin, like so...

That way the curls have time to fully cool and set, without looking like Shirley Temple curls. I know this isn't rocket science, I'm just trying to pass on a helpful tip for the girl who likes curls.
The pinned look is also cute for a 1930s or 40s inspired costume or outfit.

Naturally, my little photoshoot turned into a sing-a-long session with my hair brush... Beiber, if I recall correctly.

Sometimes you just gotta belt it out in front of the mirror.

Oh and Happy 90th Birthday today, Grandma Nina!

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