Decay & Decadence

It's hard to find a post topic with which to follow my last, but I thought this editorial exhibited a bit of the circus-y feel as well. The following are images from a digital editorial that Cristine Leone and Melissa Carew did exclusively for Trendland. The site describes the project as a "dark, moody avant-garde tale" which "nods to 1930s surrealist movies". I love the dilapidated chapel backdrop and the headpieces...

Top by Martina Spetlova, corest and skirt by Marko Mitanovski

Dress by Qasimi

 Top by Qasimi, headpiece by Marko Mitanovski, briefs by Wolford

 Antlers by Marko Mitanovski, dress by Qasimi, tights by Emilio Cavallini, boots by Rob Goodwin

 Gilet, jacket, suspender body and boots by Rachel Freire, neckpiece by Little Shilpa,
trousers by Georgia Hardinge

Mask by Dean Sidaway

Exploring the relationship between decay and decadence may never have been so fashionable...

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