Invisible Man Art

This dude is amazing. He's a Chinese artist named Liu Bolin, and did I mention he's amazing. Liu apparently started doing this sort of work after the government shut down his studio and because he says it 'persecutes artists'. If this is a protest, it's the most beautiful and tedious protest I've ever seen (flower children of the 60s aside of course).

I read that Liu camouflages himself into surroundings and backgrounds and can take up to 10 hours to achieve the effect he wants. He first takes a photo of a desired area, paints himself to fit inside that photograph, then takes a final photograph with himself in the picture. Sweet sweet sweet...

My favorite...

I see what he's doing... he's upset with the government for trying to force him to 'fit in' to the Communist fabric, so he's going full throttle with his artwork and blending in completely. Great satire, Liu!

All information and photos from Trendland. 


  1. tiny invisible Asian. I LOVE IT.

  2. mama hill4/09/2011

    this gives knew meaning to the concept of blending in......

  3. These are AMAZING!!!!! The stadium photo is my favorite.

  4. Wow this guy is incredible.


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