Shabby-Chic, Tres Magnifique

I've been thinking a lot lately about interior design. Why, you ask? Well when you register for wedding gifts, I suppose it's only natural to think about how all your new gifts will look inside your future home. Myself, I like the shabby-chic/vintage style for room decor (it's actually our wedding theme!).

I saw the shabby-chic theme illustrated in the home of Jane Whitfield a.k.a. right-hand-woman to Marc Jacobs at LV. She has a sweet three-storey house near Versailles in France. Pics by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer...

I used to be scared of wallpaper, but nowadays I keep invisioning wallpaper in a bathroom or small sittting room.

I also love how UXUS decorated this loft in Amsterdam...

Curtain walls - a fab way to break up open space 

 Decorate with pretty bugs! Reminds me of the Zero First design space I saw in Tokyo.

 So sexy.

Check out some of the other projects that UXUS has worked on. If only I had the vision! Perhaps it comes with experience and age. Jellies - what is the most unique item or thing you've decorated with?

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  1. Wow, both homes look really inviting and livable, in a different way.

    I am loving the bell jars, haha but not the bugs in them. ;)

    The Cat Hag


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