Ke$ha and Glitter

The day finally came - Ke$ha day! I bought concert tickets for my friend Taylor and I way back in December. And I have to say that Kesha's show at the Dallas House of Blues was well worth the wait. It was a straight up...

... PARTY !!
Non-stop glitter and confetti and music.

Never shying away from the opportunity to dress in costume, Taylor and I had a lot of fun with our Kesha concert outfits. And why not? Exhibit A...

 We made Tay a trashbag dress! She paired it with a tan leather vest, leopard print heels, neon fishnet gloves, great jewelry, and I teased her hair into a fabulous lady mohawk. So 80s!

Hell yeah I look like Ke$ha!

I wore my leopard print bodysuit (part of an old Cougar costume by Leg Avenue) and paired it with 2 of my favorite crinoline tutu skirts, gold jewelry and my disco heels. Also rocked my Elvis sunglasses and feather earrings from Japan.

Recipe for the Ke$ha look : teased dirty hair, blue lipstick, and smeared glitter on face. Done.

I knew it was going to be a good time when we walked into the venue and saw these warning signs...

 This guy opened for her... Beardo was his name. He was a weirdo.

And then came Ke$ha in all her strobe lighty glory - LED lit goggles.
She opened with the song Sleazy of course.

 Girl can play instruments! Guitar, drums and keyboards.

It was like she was looking right at me, in her skeleton print onesie.

Dirty Santa the stage manager.

A tied-up fan and a dancer wearing a giant pear costume during the song Grow A Pear.


Dancin' it up

 We found a lot of sleazed-out, glitzed-up Kesha fans...

 These kids were only about 15 (out on a school night?) and asked us to buy them beer... I did not oblige, and I may have also given them a lecture about teen drinking.

Kesha wearing a tattered American flag shirt, no pants, and stockings ripped all up the sides. With some wig wearing male dancers during the song Backstabber.  

 For her encore, she came out in neon awesomeness and sang We Are Who We Are.

 ... Then Santa grabbed the mic and sang a cover of Fight For Your Right To Party as a dinosaur pinata was lowered and Kesha and her gang literally partied and trashed up the stage. Why not.

The only bad thing about dirty Kesha-inspired lady mohawks?...

... actual Kesha hair. I've been finding glitter in my scalp for days!

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