Kid Stuff, Watercolor + A Creepy Bunny

I feel obligated to begin this pre-Easter post with an adorable little bunny decoration I spotted at a restaurant...

...and by 'adorable little bunny' I mean Minion of the antiChrist. We could assume that it's some sort of statement piece on the commercialism of Easter. But mainly it's just creepy.

When I think of Easter, my mind eventually wanders to egg dying and decorating (first it tiptoes past the thought of Cadbury chocolate eggs). I'm like a child - I still love egg dying. So in the colorful spirit, I thought you all would enjoy these watercolor illustrations by Conrad Roset.

Roset is a Spanish artist, and the following are images from his Cosas Intimas series...

I love the splashes of color - they remind me a bit of the illustrations in Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book...

Did yall ever read that when you were a kid?

I invite everyone to do something this weekend that you haven't done since you were a kiddo. Off the top of my head, you could build a fort out of couch cushions, have a cannonball contest at the pool with your friends, make a spaceship out of a cardboard box, or simply dye Easter eggs. I promise you'll have fun, cross my heart and hope to die (stick a needle in my eye). Why did we use to say that? Kinda' morbid...

Images from Source.


  1. Such a good post! I love egg dying too or making famous faces (Last year I made Lagerfeld- cotton wool was perfect for the hair!)

    You have officially made me obsessed with watercolours again, I forgot how stunning they were so I'm now in love with Conrad Roset!



  2. I dyed my first eggs this year... I did horribly. The work you posted reminds me a lot of Egon Schiele's - he might have been a creeper but I dig his stuff.


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