Was It Good For You, Stockholm?

You may be wondering 'What's with the post title, Lizz?' Well I'll ask you to recall a little buddy comedy called Blades of Glory. Actual quote: "Was it good for you, Stockholm? Cuz' it was good for me. Let's go have a smoke!"

What does that have to do with this post? Not much, other than the fact that these interior design photos were taken in a loft residence in Stockholm, Sweden. It's a really neat space! Apparently 'twas a building originally built in the 1880s, but the loft itself was renovated recently. It's over 3200 square feet of cool architecture and plenty of natural light. I dig the way they decorated. Enjoy...

Awesome floor-to-ceiling bookcase, eh?

 Towel warmers on the wall - a comfy luxury

Perhaps Casey Fiance and I might live in a sweet old but renovated place some day... as long as it isn't haunted, of course.  <-- these are the weird things I think about.

In other unrelated news: if you ever watch the Discovery Channel, I highly suggest checking out a new show called Human Planet. Mike Rowe narrates it. I watched several episodes tonight, and it's a really interesting anthropologic look at Mama Earth.

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