Bling Bling Bugs

Before I get into the meat of this post, I humbly request that you rejoice with me in celebration of recent news: I now have working Air Conditioning in my car! For 4 Texas summers (no exaggeration), I have suffered the wrath of the Texas heat without the simple comfort of A/C. I almost wept yesterday at the feeling of cold air blowing inside my car.  Never take it for granted, people!

I'm not completely sure how photographer Yacine M'Seffar does it, but this project is called Silver Metamorphosis. It may give you the heebie-jeebies, or you may think it's pretty cool. M'Seffar transforms little buggies from organic to metallic which in turn helps you see more of the amazing detail of each critter.

Don't you find that the insects are more attractive to the eye this way?...

 This one kinda' makes me gag a little. If you live in Texas, this guy isn't foreign to you...

 What a cool brooch this would make!

I love this ant...

These would make interesting framed prints for a bathroom or perhaps a study. Judging from M'Seffar's portfolio, it seems as though the photographer has a bit of a love affair with bugs and critters.

If you want to see actual beetles made into gorgeous jewelry, check out a past post of mine on Lito Karakostanoglou scarab pieces.

Smile everyone. It's Monday - the week can only get better from here!

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  1. haha...I love this!
    I don't have air in my car and suffer through Iowa summers...I can only imagine a Texas summer!
    Enjoy being cool this year!



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