The Blonds, Year of the Dragon

I had to immediately post some of my favorite images from The Blonds runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I admit that I didn't know about The Blonds before I was tipped these photos (shout-out Christina), but now I'm kind of obsessed. There are a lot of images because I just loved everything coming down the runway. But keep scrolling! You won't be disappointment, folks...

The Blonds clearly had a huge Chinese/Asian influence in theme, silhouette and color - beautiful reds and golds.

 They even featured dancing Chinese dragons on the runway!

You'll love the bright colors, intricate pieces, and especially the crazy-glittery wig headpieces. More photos from the show:

 Fortune cookies!

Great necklines...

 Prediction: Gaga's next awards show outfit
(I think she may have actually worn The Blonds before)

 Check out the detail on this one.. love the weaving and giant tassles.


A cool interpretation of Yin & Yang

Hundreds of googly eyes!

Chop sticks

The Blonds themselves - Phillipe and David

Turns out, I'm actually in love with The Blonds' work. It's not all this over-the-top, but it's defiitely inspired. Check out their site to see more portfolio pics.


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