McQueen Gala Madness

By now many fashion bloggers have talked about it, but I'd like to also put in my 2 cents on the event. As most of you know, the theme of the 2011 Met Gala in NYC was a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen called Savage Beauty. I would have loved to be a silver fly on the wall as I'm sure the showrooms of the event cultivated a fashion wonderland, dripping with creative brilliance.

As it turns out, many of the gowns that our beloved celebs wore weren't half bad either. There were some sad gowns to be sure, but today I will only cover my favorites and what I consider to be successes. Let's start the show!

Ashley Olsen in vintage Christian Dior.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. Yowza this is a hot look!

 Loved the silhouette of Beyonce's Emilio Pucci dress. Why did she get boo'd by the crowd again?

Great cobalt color, Eva Mendes! Wearing Stella McCartney

 Freida Pinto wearing Chanel Couture. If Karl Lagerfeld were a dress, he'd be this one.  

 Holy gold jumpsuit! But she can do it because she's Iman. Wearing Stella McCartney.

 Michelle Williams wearing Miu Miu.

Anna Wintour wearing Chanel Couture. Of course.

Brooklyn Decker, I love you! Wearing a highlighter pink Michael Kors dress.
You could probably see her from space.

Thank you Christina Ricci for wearing something weird! Someone had to, so I'm glad you channeled Wednesday Addams on this one. Wearing Zac Posen.

 Elizabeth Banks brought the disco ball! Such a goddess in her Tommy Hilfiger gown.

 Doesn't Florence Welch always look like she's floating around? So ethereal, wearing YSL.

Where have you been, Isabel Lucas? I love your coral Louis Vuitton gown.

And finally, our little circus ringmaster Victorian doll...

Janelle Monae in head-to-toe Chanel

Celebs should know you can't dress "safe" at the Met Gala. Safe doesn't get you noticed, people! That's why my favorites are Glam-tastic or statement pieces. Go balls to the wall, starlets! That's why you're famous.

Images from WireImage.


  1. iman looked amazing! she certainly can pull that look off. and i believe beyonce was boo'd because she "couldn't move" in the dress and as a result couldn't pose for more than a few pics. i thought she looked gorgeous, as always!

    sorelle in style

  2. For me Diane Kruger is a WINNER!


  3. Beyonce bot Boo'd cause she moved too quickly past photographers. She couldn't quite navigate the stairs because of the tightness of her dress so she basically had to be carried up by her hubby and an assistant. The paparazzi wants their photos.


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