A Moose Head

When I last visited my family in Austin, Mo and I passed some time by visiting an eclectic furniture and decor store... 'store' is really an understatement, it was more like a warehouse of rustic fun. I think it's called Cierra Furniture, but I'm not 100% on the name. Much like when I visited the First Zero Design house in Tokyo, this store was rather inspiring.

Here are a few pieces that I particularly fell in love with...

 (my phone takes pretty good pictures, eh?)

I was obsessed with these wooden ladders, perfect in their imperfections. Great for propping against a wall or hanging guest towels on in the bathroom.

Decorative wagon.

I was talking to the proprietor; he said they find all of these one-of-a-kind pieces on their trips to Mexico, Central America, and other foreign countries.What a fun job!

 Who doesn't need a giant wagon for throw pillows in their home?

Hi Mr Moose! I've actually always wanted a moose head on my wall. But only one that died of natural causes... I wanna' see smile lines and crows feet on my moose!

Sidenote:  I overheard a girl looking at Mr Moose and say, "I wonder if that was a boy moose or a girl moose". To which I stared blankly with my best 'You're kidding, right?' face.

Shout-out to Pam on the rustic decor!

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  1. I'm actually scared to moose heads. They freak me out! X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!



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