Teepees and Candlelight

My future mother-in-law has such an eye for detail and decor; for longer than I've known her, she has been inspired by Native American art and culture. Last year, she had a real Indian teepee erected in the back of their ranch house. Casey Fiance and his uncle did a good job building it, eh?

And the interior is a little slice a' heaven. Here it is from the inside with all the candles lit at night...

We like to sit inside, drink our wine, and have long chats.

Looking up at the ceiling

When all the candles are lit at night, the teepee glows!

Do you have a favorite place to chat with your peeps and clink cocktails?


  1. This is beautiful!
    What a great place to hang out!

  2. This is AWESOME. I love how your future mother in law placed it in her backyard. Its actually a great idea for entertaining!



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