Big Hats & Wavy Hair

Vogue.it (Vogue Italia's online presence) put out a pretty little editorial comprised of monochrome garments and a wavy-haired Nathalia Oliveira. Photography by Alvaro Beamud Cortes.

Piacere questi!


Art Auction for Andy

On Saturday evening, Annie and I attended an auction benefit event with some friends. The event was Art for Andy, held at the New Dallas Contemporary art space this year. The backstory? After our friend B's brother Andy passed away years ago, his family and the boys' private school that Andy attended here in Dallas put together a memorial scholarship in his name.

 Art for Andy is held to raise funds for the scholarship by auctioning dozens of donated artworks, some of which were even created by Andy himself (he was a very talented artist). I love me a good silent auction!

 Our friend B and me.

Did I bid on the auction items? Hells yeah! Did I win? No... but I came fairly close.

Annie and I both bid on this donated item from Andy and B's family - it's a Moroccan Wedding Blanket.  

And these!... these were so close to being mine. 12 foot tall cactus painted on canvas fabric.

I decided to wear the vintage kimono I got in Japan....

We stumbled upon this pretty little thing in a Tokyo market that specialized in vintage kimonos. It's hand-painted, and the way it smells will always remind me of that market and my time in Japan.

The kimono speaks for itself, so I just paired it with a simple black tank and bandage skirt and my new black and beige Jessica Simpson stilettos from Casey Fiance. My favorite thing about the kimono is the sleeves!

 And Annie looked smokin' in her new Nicole Miller dress. We liked the graffiti art on the walls.

Learn more about Art for Andy at the organization's website.


Setting the Mood

My coworkers and I are in the middle of a project for work and found that creating a mood board really helps with inspiration and vision. There are three separate looks to this project, so we put together three different mood boards. They inspired me fashion-wise on their own, so I thought yall might enjoy them too!

And stay tuned for a post on the art auction benefit I attended last night... I wore my kimono!


Throwback | Annie Leibovitz Captures Versailles

Per my last post, I indeed enjoyed the Annie Leibovitz documentary called Life Through A Lens last night. So inspiring! I strongly suggest you watch it if you're into fashion, photography, music, art, history... all of it. I learned so much more than I thought I knew about her.

My obsession with Annie's work has only grown thanks in part to her vivid description of her own creative process; the film takes you from concept to storyboard to production to editing and shows you your favorite Leibovitz photos along the way. She's a perfectionist to the max, and I dig it.

Did you know that the uber-famous Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono was taken by Annie?

True story. And 5 or 6 hours later, Lennon was shot and killed. Chilling of course, but it brought so much more meaning to that photo for me.

So in that sentiment, I decided to do a Throwback post about an editorial about one of my favorite films (Marie Antoinette) from one of my favorite magazines (Vogue) from one of my favorite photographers (A.Leibs).  It's the perfect storm!

Kirsten Dunst by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue magazine: September 2006
When I got this issue in college, I read it cover-to-cover so many times. I guess it got lost in all the moves... [sad face]

[instant happy face!]

In the documentary, Annie comments on this shoot. She said they had to recreate everything from the film because they weren't able to shoot during its production.

Sigh... I'm definitely dressing as Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year. I say it every year, but this year I'm really doing it! Mark my words, countrymen...



Holy Nails

What have I done, you guys?...
Have you ever made a fashion decision that you immediately regretted? Check out the glue-on nails I just applied tonight :

Yikes, right? Honestly, they were an impulse buy at the counter. $4.00. I couldn't say No.

The nail kit has been staring up at me from my makeup drawer for the last 2 weeks, so I had to take these babies out for a spin. But I'm already hating them! I can barely type this post. I can't even take out my contact lenses, so I'll have to sleep in them. The claws are adorable, but so terribly cumbersome. They're coming off first thing tomorrow morning.

Lady Gaga, Jersey girls, guests on the Maury Povich show... how do yall do it?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to watching the Annie Leibovitz documentary Life Through A Lens and running my nails up and down my arms because that's all these talons are good for!


Me Likey | Eclectic Elegance

When I saw Architectural Digest images of style icon Iris Apfel's home in New York, I had to share them. She decorated with psychadelic colors and bright, fun pieces reminiscent of 18th century France - I'm in love.

Some photos from the Apfel abode...

 Look how cute she is!

Sure she's got a lot of stuff, but it's controlled clutter.

Iris, I want your house!

Images from Source.


In the Meadow in Heels

I was a lucky lucky Lizz this weekend... The betrothed and I got the fabulous Emily Alexander to take our engagement photos. Why are we just now taking engagement photos? Well sometimes people propose to you and then move to Japan for 7 months. It happens. But better late than never!

Emily Alexander is mucho talented and so much fun to work with. Emily took some amazing shots, and we're beyond pleased with her work. We began the shoot at beautiful White Rock Lake just before sundown, then later changed locations to where Casey Fiance and I feel most at home... a pub.

Want a sneak peek of our photos with Emily? Here's a photog favorite :

All rights reserved by Emily Alexander

Casey Fiance looked charming in linen (always does). I wore a pink tulle skirt that I picked up last-minute from Buffalo Exchange, paired with a plain white tank and Nina kitten heels. Plain and simple.

Emily has such a great eye! If you want to see more photos from our couples shoot, click here to visit her blog. Our post is called Gweezy (inside joke). You can also see her body of work at her website.

We had a great evening. Thanks Emily for beautifully capturing the Fiance and me.
You're kickass!


Pirate Gals, Boats & Tats

It's official... I have fallen in luv with the work of artist Charmaine Olivia. From San Francisco, she paints and draws, and I totally dig her theme: tattooed Indians, pirates and pin-ups. Oh my!
Dear Charmaine, you inspired me so... you may have helped me get my artistic mojo back!

Spoiler Alert:  there may be a few nip slips, but I'm sure it's nothing yall can't handle...

I'd love to see all 50 states of these...

These would be awesome framed in a bathroom or bedroom...


Images from Source.