Art Auction for Andy

On Saturday evening, Annie and I attended an auction benefit event with some friends. The event was Art for Andy, held at the New Dallas Contemporary art space this year. The backstory? After our friend B's brother Andy passed away years ago, his family and the boys' private school that Andy attended here in Dallas put together a memorial scholarship in his name.

 Art for Andy is held to raise funds for the scholarship by auctioning dozens of donated artworks, some of which were even created by Andy himself (he was a very talented artist). I love me a good silent auction!

 Our friend B and me.

Did I bid on the auction items? Hells yeah! Did I win? No... but I came fairly close.

Annie and I both bid on this donated item from Andy and B's family - it's a Moroccan Wedding Blanket.  

And these!... these were so close to being mine. 12 foot tall cactus painted on canvas fabric.

I decided to wear the vintage kimono I got in Japan....

We stumbled upon this pretty little thing in a Tokyo market that specialized in vintage kimonos. It's hand-painted, and the way it smells will always remind me of that market and my time in Japan.

The kimono speaks for itself, so I just paired it with a simple black tank and bandage skirt and my new black and beige Jessica Simpson stilettos from Casey Fiance. My favorite thing about the kimono is the sleeves!

 And Annie looked smokin' in her new Nicole Miller dress. We liked the graffiti art on the walls.

Learn more about Art for Andy at the organization's website.


  1. I'm loving the kimono and that it's authentic instead of a new, trendy one.


  2. Im loving the kimono as I am watching Studio Ghibli's Spirited away whilst typing and feeling all Japanified!

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad yall like :)

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