Gaultier's Feathers

Although it's a PETA nightmare with the extreme amount of feathers, you have to admit that Gaultier knows how to use 'em! I had to show yall some of my favorite looks from the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 Couture runway show. Brace yourselves, lads...

 A lot of great silhouettes with 1920s-inspired, oversized collars. LOVE!

Is that you, Adam Lambert?

Have you noticed all the ballet slipper heels? DOUBLE LOVE


What I'm Wearing Today | B&W

I have not done a What I'm Wearing Today post in so long! Sorry folks. We're back. And this time it's a double feature...

Don't mind the hair - I went with the really messy bun today...

Creme ruffle shirt from Banana Republic (thanks Annie)
Black bandage skirt from Arden B.
Black cape jacket by Black Rainn
Gold heels from BCBG
Gold jewelry : necklace bought in Tokyo, rod earrings by Shaesby (thanks Pam)

I'm obsessed with Austin jewelry designer Shaesby because it's all beautifully handcrafted and his pieces are so unique.

Last night we were lucky enough to attend the Sade with John Legend concert in Dallas. Such a blast! Thanks Maggie for the awesome tickets. I wore this...

Maggie wearing a cute belted shirt dress. I wore brown dress shorts with my favorite paisley-printed cotton top from Anthropologie many moons ago. Simply accessorized with nude leather wedges and my favorite white fedora. Concert chic?

Look at Mr. Legend standing on his piano. Such a great performer.


Beach + Fashion = Bashion

Hello my Jellies! I'm sorry I haven't blogged since the weekend... it's been one helluva' week for moi. I had jury duty for the first time (ick times five), a crazy intense photoshoot for work, and have been up to my ears in busywork and little to-dos. But I couldn't let you start the weekend without something fun to look at!

The story is from Harper's Bazaar Spain and the model is the stunning yet unpronounceable Regina Feoktistova. You'll see there is a hint of Natalia Vodianova in her. Photography by Xevi Muntane (cool name) and styling by Leticia Riestra.

This editorial combines three of my favorite things:  da beach, high end fashion & red lipstick!

What? You don't go to the beach dressed in your best?  ;) 

Photos from Source.


Coral Colored Couture

Like Vogue's ms. Anna Wintour, I easily become obsessed with couture collections. It must be the meticulous design and unnattainable quality. Couture is art, guilty pleasure and all about luxury. But rarely do I want every piece in a collection... I saw runway photos of Giambattista Valli's Fall 2011 Couture and got all giggly.

Beautiful flowy fabrics and ruffled textures and a thoughtful mix of solid colors and prints. I love the combination of coral and white! Especially with gold accessories. Oh, and feathers. I hope you enjoy these frisky little cocktail dresses and gowns as much as I do!

Want want want it all!

Photos from Source.


Thank You Gaga, Love You Loub

NEWS FLASH : I finally saw something of Lady Gaga's that I would actually wear...

NO, not that outfit! (Okay, maybe the jacket.)

This one :

I love the red pantsuit jumper! Nice sleeves, great color.
Of course I wouldn't wear Scary Spice platforms with it, but perhaps nude pumps or black strappys.

And then...
Just when you think Christian Louboutin can't come out with anything cooler or more outrageous:

Eight inch ballet slipper stilettos!

Covered in Swarovski crystals, they're a one-of-a-kind designed by Louboutin himself and pre-destined to be auctioned at a Ballet benefit. Lil' Louby said, "I could not help being inspired by English National Ballet. After all... isn’t the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel? The heel which makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky, closer to heaven!"

Read this Daily Mail article to see a dancer actually trying on the heel. She's thinking "Ummm no way".

Is there anything of Lady Gaga's that you would wear?


Color & Crinolines

We need some color up in this mutha'! I have been in a funky mood today. So when I saw the pretty-pretty images in this spread from the July issue of Dazed and Confused, I had to share them. I don't know what D&C is; but judging from the photos, I dig their work.
Photographer is Viviane Sassen, styling by Katie Shillingford, and the model is Lisanne de Jong. 

It makes me want to wear my crinoline tutu skirts (of which I have 3) and dance among the flowers...

When she throws her skirt in the air, she kind of looks like a blooming flower, no? The layers are like petals. Appropriate, seeing how the title of the spread is "In Bloom". 

I wish you a blooming good day, Jellies.

Photos from Source.


Menswear : The DONTS

It was recently brought to my attention by a loyal reader and friend that I never post on menswear. True! I do not. Not that menswear scares me or anything, I just don't feel authorized to speak on the subject. I don't think I completely understand what 'good' men's fashion is.

However, I do recognize when a guy is dressed improperly. So I enlisted the help of my friend Dave and my own fashionable Fiance to create a DONT list for men. Here are our Top 5 DONTs when it comes to Menswear:

1. Gentlemen, learn how to tie a tie correctly. No giant awkward knot. Keep the skinny Jonas Brothers ties to a minimum, as well as the oversized gangster ties.

This look is a DO!

2. It's great to mix textures, but don't over-texturize. Nix the paisley tie + floral shirt + pinstriped suit, a look that ESPN Sportscenter commentator Stuart Scott frequently adorns.

Bad Alan Cumming, bad!
You can wear the crazy plaid vest, jacket or pants, but not all 3 at the same time.

3. No pointy elf shoes. The entire shoe should touch the ground when you're standing, not point skyward.

4. If you wear a pocket square (do it - they're back in style!) it should be neatly folded. It shouldn't look like you just blew your nose on it and shoved it back in the pocket.

And don't ever wear this outfit. You can mix blues, but not shades that are this similar.
Mickey, throw that belt away.

5. Enough with the glittery, silvery, over-embellished Tshirts! Unless your name is The Situation, quit it.

That's all for now - my first menswear post. Feel free to comment with more menswear fashion faux pas. 

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