Beach + Fashion = Bashion

Hello my Jellies! I'm sorry I haven't blogged since the weekend... it's been one helluva' week for moi. I had jury duty for the first time (ick times five), a crazy intense photoshoot for work, and have been up to my ears in busywork and little to-dos. But I couldn't let you start the weekend without something fun to look at!

The story is from Harper's Bazaar Spain and the model is the stunning yet unpronounceable Regina Feoktistova. You'll see there is a hint of Natalia Vodianova in her. Photography by Xevi Muntane (cool name) and styling by Leticia Riestra.

This editorial combines three of my favorite things:  da beach, high end fashion & red lipstick!

What? You don't go to the beach dressed in your best?  ;) 

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  1. Absolutely amazing photos!



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