Color & Crinolines

We need some color up in this mutha'! I have been in a funky mood today. So when I saw the pretty-pretty images in this spread from the July issue of Dazed and Confused, I had to share them. I don't know what D&C is; but judging from the photos, I dig their work.
Photographer is Viviane Sassen, styling by Katie Shillingford, and the model is Lisanne de Jong. 

It makes me want to wear my crinoline tutu skirts (of which I have 3) and dance among the flowers...

When she throws her skirt in the air, she kind of looks like a blooming flower, no? The layers are like petals. Appropriate, seeing how the title of the spread is "In Bloom". 

I wish you a blooming good day, Jellies.

Photos from Source.

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