Girly & Shameless | Mermaids

This week, I modeled in a super fun photoshoot for work and got to wear some fabulous wigs, makeup and outfits. I was most excited about a mermaid-inspired look! Here's a photo...

Yep - that's a long wavy blue mermaid wig and blue lipstick.
I didn't want to take the costume off either. Wasn't it every little girl's dream to be a mermaid?

I was so inspired by the photoshoot and my mermaid look that I decided to do a post about famous mermaids. Why? It's the first day of 4th o' July weekend and I feel like posting something girly (...and shameless). Men - avert your eyes! This post will only get more chick-tastic as we continue.  

Famous Mer-People Throughout History:

the Little one

the kind of bitchy ones in Peter Pan

the creepy ones in Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire

the Evian mermaid

Daryl Hannah in Splash
Ah, I used to love this movie!

Ben Stiller in Zoolander... "Mer-MAN"

Am I missing any famous mer-folk?

In case I am not able to blog before the holiday, I hope everyone has an entertaining and safe Fourth of July. Go Paul Revere on this weekend... 1 drink if by land, 2 if by sea!


  1. Dont forget the Mermaids from the Pirates of the Caribean!

  2. OMG! I love this post so much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE water and especially Mermaids!!



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