Menswear : The DONTS

It was recently brought to my attention by a loyal reader and friend that I never post on menswear. True! I do not. Not that menswear scares me or anything, I just don't feel authorized to speak on the subject. I don't think I completely understand what 'good' men's fashion is.

However, I do recognize when a guy is dressed improperly. So I enlisted the help of my friend Dave and my own fashionable Fiance to create a DONT list for men. Here are our Top 5 DONTs when it comes to Menswear:

1. Gentlemen, learn how to tie a tie correctly. No giant awkward knot. Keep the skinny Jonas Brothers ties to a minimum, as well as the oversized gangster ties.

This look is a DO!

2. It's great to mix textures, but don't over-texturize. Nix the paisley tie + floral shirt + pinstriped suit, a look that ESPN Sportscenter commentator Stuart Scott frequently adorns.

Bad Alan Cumming, bad!
You can wear the crazy plaid vest, jacket or pants, but not all 3 at the same time.

3. No pointy elf shoes. The entire shoe should touch the ground when you're standing, not point skyward.

4. If you wear a pocket square (do it - they're back in style!) it should be neatly folded. It shouldn't look like you just blew your nose on it and shoved it back in the pocket.

And don't ever wear this outfit. You can mix blues, but not shades that are this similar.
Mickey, throw that belt away.

5. Enough with the glittery, silvery, over-embellished Tshirts! Unless your name is The Situation, quit it.

That's all for now - my first menswear post. Feel free to comment with more menswear fashion faux pas. 

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