Lizz Becomes Lady Gaga

Why am I dressed head-to-toe like Lady Gaga? You can read my previous post to get the full backstory, but it's for a photo campaign for work with the website Wigs.com. So much fun! I thought yall would enjoy the images and styling. My girl Andrea is a makeup genius!

I'm clinically obsessed with Lady Gaga, so it was a privilege and a joy to recreate her looks. Here are some of my Gaga shots...

Our inspiration - her arrival look from the CFDA Fashion Awards

Eek! I don't even look like myself... the makeup for this was crazy! Andrea did a stellar job.

The outfit: I wore my LBD from American Apparel, moldable aluminum bracelet (a gift from Pam), and my matching black spandex uber-pumps by Steve Madden. Topped with a blue bob wig.

 My coworker Lucas and I goofing off.

Our second inspiration - vintage Gaga, from her Poker Face music video

 The suit is scandalous, I know. But you can't spell Gaga without the GAAAAA!

The outfit: No, I don't actually own the famous Gaga blue swimsuit... I borrowed it from CostumeStore.com. I paired it with pink glitter Steve Madden pumps and blue biker gloves. Added a long, platinum blonde wig with matching Hair Bow.


Photography by Steve Flusche. Makeup by Andrea Cardona.

Images are property of Wigs.com and may not be used without consent.

Lizz Becomes Katy Perry

I know that I very, very rarely mix my work and my play (jelly blog), but I thought it would be a waste not to show you guys all the fun I had on a photoshoot recently. I did a Get The Look sort of campaign with the website Wigs.com where not only did I help style all of the models used in the shoot... I was one!

The campaign was all about achieving popular celebrity styles by wearing wigs. Each of the models used in the shoot brought their own wardrobe, which meant I got to wear some of my favorite pieces from my personal closet in fun and different ways.

Here are some photos from the Katy Perry portion of the shoot...

Our pin-up Katy Perry inspiration

Not so sure these pin-up style bangs work for me, but it sure was fun getting to emulate Katy Perry!

The outfit:  I layered my favorite pink tutu skirt over a yellow cotton tube dress from XXI. Wore my new pink glitter pumps by Steve Madden. Turquoise pearl necklace and black Pin Up wig.

Our second inspiration - Katy Perry from her California Gurls music video

The outfit:  I layered a friend's jean shorts over a gingham print and lace lingerie piece. Added pink sunglasses and matching pink pumps from ShoeDazzle (I only wear them for photoshoots because they're dreadfully uncomfortable). Topped with a blue wig. Bow chicka bow-wow!

Stay tuned.... in my next post, I become Lady Gaga!

Photography by Steve Flusche. Makeup by Andrea Cardona.
Images are property of Wigs.com and may not be used without consent.


Interior Inspiration

I love looking at photography of interior spaces to get inspiration for decor. Here are some photos of neat spaces taken by photographer Vincent Leroux:

Leroux certainly has a taste for the shabby-chic. If you're decorating on a budget, Marshalls has a sweet home goods department!

Images from Source.


Gaga Toons

Just something fun to look at for the day. My compadre Christian tipped me this great cartoon interpretation of Lady Gaga's crazy looks... the ghosts of media appearances past, you might say. Enjoy!

Love the 'Born This Way' skeleton look!

Image from Source.


'Inspired By' Shoes

OHmigosh guys... talk about a busy, busy month! I'm getting married at the end of August, work is cray-cray, and my wonderful but high-maintenance family dog Kaiser is staying with us this week. I've blogged about my boy Kaiser before, but here are some recent pics of him:

Large and in charge. We get stopped all the time by neighbors on walks:
"How much does he weigh?" and "He's bigger than you!"

With his backpack on, ready to come to 'Camp Dallas' for the week.

On a fashion-related note, my girl Annie tipped me off to this designer who makes, well... they're really novelty shoes. But the Israel-based designer, Kobi Levi, calls them both sculpture and wearable. I thought you would enjoy them. You can clearly see Levi's inspiration in each pair:

Tartan "shopping trolley"

 Coffee pitchers!

 Weirdly enough, inspired by blow-up dolls... these creep me out a bit.

Caw-Caw! Toucans.

Guess who! She's 'like a virgin'...

Levi says his shoe creations are "meant to live with and without the body." Check out Kobi Levi's website to see more of his collection.