'Inspired By' Shoes

OHmigosh guys... talk about a busy, busy month! I'm getting married at the end of August, work is cray-cray, and my wonderful but high-maintenance family dog Kaiser is staying with us this week. I've blogged about my boy Kaiser before, but here are some recent pics of him:

Large and in charge. We get stopped all the time by neighbors on walks:
"How much does he weigh?" and "He's bigger than you!"

With his backpack on, ready to come to 'Camp Dallas' for the week.

On a fashion-related note, my girl Annie tipped me off to this designer who makes, well... they're really novelty shoes. But the Israel-based designer, Kobi Levi, calls them both sculpture and wearable. I thought you would enjoy them. You can clearly see Levi's inspiration in each pair:

Tartan "shopping trolley"

 Coffee pitchers!

 Weirdly enough, inspired by blow-up dolls... these creep me out a bit.

Caw-Caw! Toucans.

Guess who! She's 'like a virgin'...

Levi says his shoe creations are "meant to live with and without the body." Check out Kobi Levi's website to see more of his collection.

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  1. I love Kobi Levi! I wish his stuck in gum shoe was actually available for purchase. I'd rock them unabashedly.


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