Lizz Becomes Lady Gaga

Why am I dressed head-to-toe like Lady Gaga? You can read my previous post to get the full backstory, but it's for a photo campaign for work with the website Wigs.com. So much fun! I thought yall would enjoy the images and styling. My girl Andrea is a makeup genius!

I'm clinically obsessed with Lady Gaga, so it was a privilege and a joy to recreate her looks. Here are some of my Gaga shots...

Our inspiration - her arrival look from the CFDA Fashion Awards

Eek! I don't even look like myself... the makeup for this was crazy! Andrea did a stellar job.

The outfit: I wore my LBD from American Apparel, moldable aluminum bracelet (a gift from Pam), and my matching black spandex uber-pumps by Steve Madden. Topped with a blue bob wig.

 My coworker Lucas and I goofing off.

Our second inspiration - vintage Gaga, from her Poker Face music video

 The suit is scandalous, I know. But you can't spell Gaga without the GAAAAA!

The outfit: No, I don't actually own the famous Gaga blue swimsuit... I borrowed it from CostumeStore.com. I paired it with pink glitter Steve Madden pumps and blue biker gloves. Added a long, platinum blonde wig with matching Hair Bow.


Photography by Steve Flusche. Makeup by Andrea Cardona.

Images are property of Wigs.com and may not be used without consent.


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