What I Wore Today | Crayon Colors for Fall

Perhaps many a Fall collection features blacks and browns and greys, but I'm starting off the Autumnal bliss wearing crayon colors!

Another way to wear your solid cotton cardigan...

Layered coral cardigan
Silk multicolor dye-printed dress by Hot & Delicious
Bronze kitten heels by Nina
Resin bangle bracelet from Francesca's

Don't be afraid to wear color this Fall. A great statement belt, crazy printed scarf, or bright primary color peacoat is peachy keen!


What I Wore Today | Blue Jeans + Feathers

The weather isn't cool in Texas yet, but I know it wants to be! Our look for the day is a tweener - between fall and summer... it's fummer.

New dark-as-night jeans that I cuffed at the calf, from Buffalo Exchange
Layered black top
Dual textured off-the-shoulder camisole with feather print
Leather & feather earrings from Tokyo
Nude leather wedges from Aldo

I must thank my intern Remi for all his assistance in these mini photoshoots, and by 'assistance' I mean I selfishly force him to leave his desk and take cellphone pics of me until I'm happy with one. 


What I Wore Today | Leopard + Some Louboutins

Have you ever felt a little uninspired or low, so you put on a sexy pair of heels or a nice dress to make yourself feel better? That was me this morning, but I felt pretty Fly today in my outfit. I took a print maxi dress that I usually wear out at night and added accessories to make it appropriate for the office. What's our word for this outfit? Comfy-chic.

Strapless leopard print dress
Coral cotton cardigan
Gold-speckled cork belt
Beige wedges
Hair : the classic "Did she do that to her hair on purpose, or did she roll out of bed like that?" look. That's my go-to look lately I guess.

We also must bid my friend Annie a big fashionista's CONGRATULATIONS for her recent purchase :

 Her first pair of Christian Louboutins !
Annie Girl can rock some heels, so I know she'll treat these sparklers right. We must have a fancy girl's night outing so these babies can see the city (a safe, non-gravel ridden, valet-carries-you-to-the-front-door outing).

PS. don't let the precious puppy paws in this photo fool you... this dog is pure evil. Annie agrees.


Talk To Me, Jellies

Calling all Jellies!  I wanna know what's on yo' mind...

I've been gabbing and gabbing for over a year and a half on Jelly Blog, but now I want to hear from the people I write these blogs for. (Pssst... it's you). Get your typing fingers ready. I'm asking for reader Comments.

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Atelier Versace Is My Cup of Tea

I know that the full swing of Fashion Week just ended, showcasing those magnificent Spring 2012 collections. But I want to show yall a Fall line that really tickled my fancy. (I'm rejoicing our Autumn-like, lower-than-100-degrees weather in Texas today).

A few photos from Atelier Versace's Fall 2011 collection. LOVES it!

This gown looks almost pattern-like, as if it is the muslin parent of the dress it is destined to be.

Want it. Want it badly.

YES! I love the combo of turquoise and coral.

Countdown to Fall: 8 official days.

In TV news, I do not suggest you watch the new celebrity-driven show H8R (awful and somewhat desperate). But if you are as into America's Next Top Model as I am, I highly recommend watching this season. It's the All-Stars edition! Ta-Ta for now...


Me Likey : Gaga Gowns

This just in... Lady Gaga has been dressing interestingly lately.

You:  No way. I don't believe it! She never wears interesting things.

Me:  It's true. Look at what she was spotted wearing on the streets of NYC for a Vanity Fair magazine photoshoot...

I love that little weirdo.


Flowers & Missing Asia

Firstly, Madonna can bite me with her "loathing of hydrangeas"... how can you loathe a flower? I think they looked just perfect in my bridal bouquet:


We attended the Fashion's Night Out event in Dallas tonight. It was a lot of fun! We saw some runway, did a little model scouting for work, and met some very colorful folks. I was inspired and decided to incorporate both a French beret and a faux fur bolero jacket into my Fall wardrobe.

[ Here is where I would normally stick photos of the above-mentioned event,
but I'm a space cadet and forgot my camera at home. Doh! ]

 As all are well aware, this Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of September 11th. Can you believe it's been 10 years? It also marks the 6 month anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Perhaps due to that anniversary, I find myself frequently thinking about earthquake day and our experiences during the chaos. I think about how scared we were and our evacuation, but also about how far away that all feels to me now.

Despite our having to leave Japan on a low note, I certainly miss those exquisite parts of Japan that I blogged about: the culture, the once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and how different living there was from anything I knew back in the states. Experiencing it all was a blessing. In a nutshell, I kind of miss Asia right now...

So in that reverence, I wanted to post photos from an editorial I enjoyed. It's not Japanese, but it's from Numero China #9 by photographer Tiziano Magni. The spread is empowering and beautiful and I hope it brings you happy, fashion-y thoughts:


Lizz Is A Married Person

Ahoy, my Jellies! The last time I blogged, I was a single lady. Not anymore...

Lizz Aubrey is married, yall !
[said in a high pitched Chris Kattan-like voice]

I'm sure some of my readers want to hear wedding details. Some may not, so I'll keep the gushing short and sweet!

Fiance Hubby Casey and I got hitched in my hometown - Austin, Texas - on Saturday, August 27th 2011 amongst 175 of our nearest and dearest friends and family members. We had our ceremony and reception in the most beautiful space, an historic mansion built in the 1930s. Simply elegant.

Theme? Vintage, shabby chic. Colors? Orange and gray.
9 Bridesmaids + 9 Groomsmen + 2 Ushers + 2 House Party gals + 2 ring bearers = big wedding party!

Something old: my mother & aunt used their own wedding gown to make ring bearer pillows
Something new: my wedding dress, art deco style lace & silk, made by designer Sophia Tolli
Something borrowed: my bridesmaid Joni let me borrow her diamond stud earrings to wear in my second ear piercing
Something blue: whaddaya' know... the shoe whore had blue shoes! Tiffany blue, patent leather peeptoe pumps (found them while in Tokyo but I bought them domestically).

Our photographer Emily Alexander, who also took our engagement photos, was so amazing in capturing all the special little details of the day. Thank you, Emily!

Wanna see some pics?

All photos taken by and property of Emily Alexander

I infused my favorite flower - hydrangeas - into all of the bouquets.
Obsessed with my bridal bouquet!  

Being poked and prodded by my friends Jennifer (who did my hair) and Andrea (who did my makeup). Thank you for making me feel beautiful, ladies!

Look how handsome my groom looked.

 Surprise! For our first dance, we did a ribbon dance to a Justin Bieber song.

 2 of my beautiful bridesmaids, who wore gray.
I bought my veil from Etsy.com and switched to a feather hairpiece for the reception.

Guest favor: personalized drink koozies that said
"Even a 9.0 can't shake this love"
(earthquake joke... we got married almost 6 months after we survived the earthquake in Japan)

Our beautiful vintage getaway car - a 1959 Jaguar

You can see more photos of the evening at Emily Alexander's blog

What can I say... it was a perfect evening. Friends, family and a pretty white dress.