Atelier Versace Is My Cup of Tea

I know that the full swing of Fashion Week just ended, showcasing those magnificent Spring 2012 collections. But I want to show yall a Fall line that really tickled my fancy. (I'm rejoicing our Autumn-like, lower-than-100-degrees weather in Texas today).

A few photos from Atelier Versace's Fall 2011 collection. LOVES it!

This gown looks almost pattern-like, as if it is the muslin parent of the dress it is destined to be.

Want it. Want it badly.

YES! I love the combo of turquoise and coral.

Countdown to Fall: 8 official days.

In TV news, I do not suggest you watch the new celebrity-driven show H8R (awful and somewhat desperate). But if you are as into America's Next Top Model as I am, I highly recommend watching this season. It's the All-Stars edition! Ta-Ta for now...


  1. Mo in law9/15/2011

    have loved the last few blogs....i agree on the red scarf like skirt and gold top....fabulous

  2. Anonymous12/05/2011

    i love the turquoise coat.


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