Talk To Me, Jellies

Calling all Jellies!  I wanna know what's on yo' mind...

I've been gabbing and gabbing for over a year and a half on Jelly Blog, but now I want to hear from the people I write these blogs for. (Pssst... it's you). Get your typing fingers ready. I'm asking for reader Comments.

What do you want to see more of on Jelly Blog?  

A)  Fashion Runway Coverage

B)  What I'm Wearing Today

C)  Art, Photography & Culture Coverage

D)  My Adventures About Town

E)  Movie Reviews

F)   Celebrity Fashion

G)  Random photos of my favorite Flamboyants

H)  Or something completely New. Suggestions please!

Please click COMMENT below and tell me what you like about Jelly Blog, what you don't like so much, or any suggestions you may have for future blog posts. My ears are open! 


  1. Shelby9/17/2011

    I love your "What I'm Wearing" And "My Adventures" posts. Their very cute and entertaining.. but honestly, anything you write I enjoy reading! :) Keep it up!


  2. mama h9/17/2011

    What i'm Wearing and Adventures about town are great. You are inspiring with what you wear and how you put it together and I think give people some great ideas for their own wardrobe. I would like to see a blog on taking one item of clothing and all the ways you can wear it to make it look different...Movie reviews and maybe some of your insights and opinions into why directors shot with colors or backdrops to advance the story. Random thoughts.....

  3. I am with Shelby. I love all the posts too! I love the "What I am wearing", The Runway posts, and I enjoy when you write about new interior designers and concepts. Keep it up!



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