What I Wore Today | Blue Jeans + Feathers

The weather isn't cool in Texas yet, but I know it wants to be! Our look for the day is a tweener - between fall and summer... it's fummer.

New dark-as-night jeans that I cuffed at the calf, from Buffalo Exchange
Layered black top
Dual textured off-the-shoulder camisole with feather print
Leather & feather earrings from Tokyo
Nude leather wedges from Aldo

I must thank my intern Remi for all his assistance in these mini photoshoots, and by 'assistance' I mean I selfishly force him to leave his desk and take cellphone pics of me until I'm happy with one. 

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  1. mama h9/27/2011

    Selfishly these are my favorite blogs as I get to see the Weez


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