Neon Jewelry | Alexandra Blak

I'm intrigued to hear what yall think of these jewelry pieces by Alexandra Blak (chic way to spell 'black'). I saw them and had mixed feelings: "Great color, but my those look uncomfortable to wear." These sci-fi sun goddess bangles, earrings and chokers are made of hand-carved lucite.

Usually lucite is a big fashion no-no for me - it makes me think of stripper shoes. But this Aussie designer knows how to do lucite tastefully and with spunk. Check it out :

I love the pairing of the vivid neon pieces with pastel colored clothing.

Visit Alexandra Blak's website HERE.


Iconatomy of The Stars

Artist George Chamoun did something really special with his Iconatomy project. He took famous photos from movie stars past and merged them seamlessly with photos from some of today's well-known celebrities.

Chamoun says the photos are not morphed or changed in any way, just that it took "a long time to find the right pictures." The artist also says that he is "not comparing anything here," but I think it's hard not to make some interesting and beautiful comparisons between the celebs of yesterday and today.
You'll see what I mean :

 Elizabeth Taylor | Angelina Jolie
Leading Lady - great actress, gets all the good movie roles, the model of beauty and elegance

Marilyn Monroe | Scarlett Johansson
 Sex Symbol - not the best actress, but you can't resist her charm

Sean Connery | George Clooney
 Super suave ladies man, usually the lead actor and the model of "a man"

James Dean | Robert Pattinson
The casual yet mysterious heartthrob, slightly brooding yet sexy

Audrey Hepburn | Natalie Portman
America's Sweetheart and a screen legend

Pretty neat work, eh?

Photos from Source.


Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu

I fell in love with this chick in the most recent True Grit film, but it turns out Hailee Steinfeld is a pretty sweet little model as well. She's the newest Miu Miu muse, and she wears the clothes well I think!

 This is how I feel in the Dillards shoe section   :)


Printed Shoes & Schoolgirl Socks

Before my fantastically stylish mother-in-law moves to China for a brief stint, she awarded me a pair of shoes. I'm in love with them already. They are floral printed canvas platforms with a shiny heel. I dont even know the brand (FRH?) but they are perfect for Fall :

Today I wore them with scrunched knee-high socks. Love this look.

(we're not showing my outfit because I'm ill and I have sick-face)

Intern Remi had to get in on the action as well... same pose, of course:

Astronaut shoes!
Just kidding. They're metallic velcro sneakers by Dior. He's so fashionable.


Styling for Fall Trends

I had a lot of fun styling 3 models-turned-friends at work today. It's easy to style when you have such gorgeous canvases to work with!

The name of the game today was Fall Trends with a photoshoot and video, and we really embraced the use of prints. I even used a few pieces of my own to finish the gals' looks :

Roxie wearing a print dress, coordinating red tights, platform heels, and my camel military jacket.
I love this girl!

My girl Maddie wearing a peacock feather print dress with black tights,
black leather belt and boots, and my favorite Fall wool hat.

Maddie wearing the same belt, tights and boots with a purple wool sweater.
I loved the messy side braid too.

Bombshell brunette Alyssa wearing a printed shift dress,
coordinating fuschia tights, and beige pumps.

I'm really going to miss days like today when I move up to North Dakota...
Thanks for a fabulous last shoot girls! XO

Makeup by Andrea Cardona. Hair by Jennfier Pompa.


What I Wore Today | Print + Neutral + Metallics

Hey Jellies! I have some news... I'm moving to North Dakota.

Yes, you heard correctly. The Hubs and I are packing up our Dallas apartment and heading to Bismarck. I'm re-naming it the 'Fashion Capital of the Great White North'. Why are we moving? Well when an awesome job opportunity comes along, you gotta' grab the bull by the horns, whether that job is in Japan or North Dakota or the African Congo (although I'd have a few qualms about moving to the Congo).

I can't even think about how much I'm going to miss our Texas friends and family. But on the flippity, you guys will soon be seeing some new characters on Jelly Blog - namely Snow. And Ice.

Until then, I'll most likely be wearing all of my favorite clothing pieces that I won't be able to wear in Bismarck. I hear temperatures are a little lower up there in the Fall and Winter months... yowza.

Today I started with a print and layered a neutral jacket and gold accessories:

Black and greige (grey + beige) printed dress
Camel-colored cropped military jacket. Another Buffalo Exchange find. Loves it.
Gold BCBG disco heels
Hammered gold necklace I found in Omotesando, Tokyo

Thinking of our upcoming adventures in the North got me reminiscing about all the awesome experiences I had when I lived in Japan this year.

I thought I might travel back to a few of my favorite moments with blog posts. You might like:

Real Sumo Wrestling match
My first Katie May designer photoshoot
The Golden Temple in Kyoto
My Birthday at a Buddhist Temple
Geisha spotting and the bullet train
Sakura day with Cherry Blossoms
Our last days in Tokyo

I am thankful for all the blogging I was able to do during my time in Japan. But those posts stand out to me the most. Enjoy reminiscing with me!


Valentino Does Black & Beige for Fall

Valentino works with velvets and sheer fabrics in the Fall 2011 Collection. We see a color palette of rich blacks, bright reds, sage greens and beiges... I'm a fan! Love the black-and-beige color combination. These luxe cocktail dresses and gowns boast thoughtful flourishes without being overdone.

Some of my favorites from the runway :

Thank you for the great show, Valentino!


Nat Geo Culture Pics

If you're one of those folks who has made a morning habit of visiting your bookmarked websites, add the National Geographic Photo of the Day to your list. It's always captivating and is a really cool forum for world-traveling photographers to showcase their best work. Here are some of my favorites lately:

 Holi Celebration, India by Anurag Kumar

 Street Scene, Rio de Janeiro by Rasko Ristic

Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic by Petr Cunderlik

The focus on this one blows my mind...

Machu Picchu, Peru by Claire Wroe

Hot Air Balloon, New Mexico by Bruce Dale

Enjoy! Photos like these make such great screen savers.