Iconatomy of The Stars

Artist George Chamoun did something really special with his Iconatomy project. He took famous photos from movie stars past and merged them seamlessly with photos from some of today's well-known celebrities.

Chamoun says the photos are not morphed or changed in any way, just that it took "a long time to find the right pictures." The artist also says that he is "not comparing anything here," but I think it's hard not to make some interesting and beautiful comparisons between the celebs of yesterday and today.
You'll see what I mean :

 Elizabeth Taylor | Angelina Jolie
Leading Lady - great actress, gets all the good movie roles, the model of beauty and elegance

Marilyn Monroe | Scarlett Johansson
 Sex Symbol - not the best actress, but you can't resist her charm

Sean Connery | George Clooney
 Super suave ladies man, usually the lead actor and the model of "a man"

James Dean | Robert Pattinson
The casual yet mysterious heartthrob, slightly brooding yet sexy

Audrey Hepburn | Natalie Portman
America's Sweetheart and a screen legend

Pretty neat work, eh?

Photos from Source.


  1. WOW! I love these! The Elizabeth Taylor + Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn + Natalie Portman are my favorites. So glad you friend requested me on IFB, love your blog!


  2. These are beautiful! Thanks for putting these up!


  3. The Sean Connery | George Clooney one should be Cary Grant | George Clooney.


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