Bye Bye Lizz!

Friday was my last day at work, and it was a bittersweet goodbye. I am very much going to miss photoshoot days and my amazing coworker friends. I move to North Dakota to meet the Hubby in about a week!

Some of my coworkers even gave me going-away gifts! Along with one-on-one lunches out, I received these very thoughtful goodbye tokens:

From Carol - a handmade pillow with my favorite flower on it, a hydrangea! Adorable.

 From Christina - a gorgeous bouquet of Peonies.

They would make for great bridal bouquet flowers (late spring/early summer weddings).
Beautiful, aren't they?

From Lucas - self tanner lotion, because he said I would get pale up in Bismarck. Ha!

I even went to Austin over the weekend to bid a temporary farewell to my main man Kaiser:

Right after I took this photo, Kaiser lashed out at the news by swallowing a sock.
He's like a goat - he'll eat anything.

 Don't worry Kaiser and Texas friends and family, we'll be back for the holidays! XO

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