The Eagle Has Landed

Hi-ya Jellies. Good news... I made it to Bismarck, ND!

Luckily I didn't have to traverse the great plains alone; my mama 'Mo' came with me. And thank goodness she did, because that was a hella' bunch of driving. After listening to all of the CDs in my arsenal, 2 days on the road, and over 1100 miles later, we arrived in chilly North Dakota :

See, I'm even extremely fashionable on road trips (just kidding).

Mo and I saw a lot of this scene:

 Plains, plains and more plains.
(We also saw about 30 dead deer along the way, photos excluded.)

 But with big open sky follows some pretty sweet sunsets. Colors you can't even paint!

I made sure to bring my lucky charm - my hummingbird on the dash.

Thanks to all our friends and loved ones who willed us here safely and kept us in their thoughts. I'm reunited with the Hubby, and I can promise some rather interesting blogs during our time in Bismarck!

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