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Happy Halloween everyone! It's a fabulously fall-ish time of year and, as you know, one of my personal favorite holidays. Some October 31st sentiment from SomeEcards.com :

Although I may not have topped last year's 3-costume dress up extravaganza, I had a lot of fun being creepy in this year's look :

Eek! Lizz is a Creepy Rag Doll. 1 ringlet wig, 3 sets of false eyelashes, and an entire black eyeliner pencil later, I had my costume. Photoshoot time!

I took a Harlequin costume and added some goth-inspired accessories: ripped fishnets, two petticoats, mary jane heels, fishnet gloves, and a lace parasol.  Bwa-ha-ha!

But my favorite costume of the day goes to my Intern Remi. He dressed as my beloved and flamboyant fictional movie character...

YEP! He dressed as a conceptual interpretation of Agador Spartacus from The Birdcage :

Complete with red wig and mop. Still don't get it? Watch this YouTube clip.

How did yall dress up for Halloween?

Photography by Christian Pascual. 

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