On the Road Again with Dresses

Yikes guys - this weekend marks the start of my Great American Roadtrip. Yeeeehaw!

The move is finally upon us. It's actually happening. I'm moving to the Fashion Capital of the Great White North (just let me call it that... it's easier to stomach if I give North Dakota a sexy nickname).

This will be me.


Because my travel companion and I will soon be map-reading and traversing the open road, I thought it apropo to post about these beautiful Map Dresses, designed by Susan Stockwell.

They are made of paper British ordinance maps glued together. Trendland comments, "Stockwell delivers a visual blow to English colonization and occupation of Scotland over 300 years. Using military maps to create a woman’s dress sends a double message of war and politics being dominated by men in Western history." Check out her works:

Bonus: this one is made of paper money! It's an interesting commentary when you consider the stratospheric cost of some designer gowns:

Wish me luck on the road, Jellies.  
I'll post when I get to Bismarck!


  1. Hi there! i just saw we´re friends on IFB but this is the first time i check out your blog. i like it!
    i wish you all the best on your northern adventure. =)

  2. oh and BTW i´m a new follower! :)


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