Snow Day Activities | Holiday Nails & Soup

With the weather so icy and chilly here, it's not too comfortable for this Texan girl to be out-and-about like I'm use to. So to ward off possible cabin fever, I made one of my favorite winter snacks :

Campbell's Tomato Soup with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

I love to eat it with a school of goldfish crackers :

I also had some fun with nail polish and got a little festive for the upcoming holidays :

I layered 2 sparkly polishes - 1 called Gold Coin by Revlon with tiny glitter specks, and 1 called Gold Gems by Milani with larger glitter specks. It's definitely eye-catching.

Glitter polishes are also fab to use as just a nail tip:
Paint the whole nail emerald green or ruby red for Christmas, then paint the tip of the nail with a heavy silver or gold glitter polish (like an upgraded French manicure). Voila!

Of course, I'm no nail guru. But for the more ambitious, here are a few how-to videos on holiday nail art from some of my favorite nail art experts on YouTube:

Candy Cane Nails click here
Holiday Lights Nails click here
Glitter Party Nails click here
Snowman Nails click here
Giftwrap Nails click here

Enjoy ladies, and please send me photos if you try your hand (pun intended) at any of these designs!


  1. I LOVED this blog

  2. I love the little goldfish in the soup! So cute! I've never seen that before!


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