Curious Interiors | Mitch Alfus' Loft

Mitch Alfus keeps a pretty cool New York loft. Who is Mitch Alfus?

This guy.
Apparently he is an infamous leatherman, and it shows in the way he decorates his home...

Mitch leaves nothing to the imagination (his loft has no walls) but leaves you with plenty of inspiration. Fabulous fixtures, art, textures, Turkish rugs, statues, and more. There are eclectic pieces hidden all over his crib. Check 'er out :

 vintage metal military cases for table stools

I've always wanted one of these antique chairs!

magenta rug

 exposed brick walls + reclaimed wooden table

 If you asked Mitch where to put your extra books,
he would say, just stack them on the floor.

 red acrylic kitchen + antique desk as the breakfast table

 Who says you have to hang pictures on the wall?
Who says you gotta' keep your clothes in the closet?

I'm a huge fan of gargoyles, but next to the bed? Why not.

I hope this helps answer some of your pressing interior design questions, such as
Does everything have to go in a drawer or on a shelf? or rather,
 What do I do with this random zebra hide?

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Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

If you're like me, you cannot spend a lot on Christmas gifts, but you still want to get the stylish people in your life something special. Don't fret! You don't have to spend a fortune on Christmas to get an "Oh Wow" or "Awww, it's perfect!" reaction out of your friends and fam.

Here are 4 of my favorite gift ideas for Fashionistas and your hard-to-buy-for's :

1. Unique Home Decor Items

I found this big red leather trunk at Hobby Lobby (only $34). An item like this one is obviously practical for storing things, but it's also really cute to decorate with - I keep the trunk out in the open in our common room.

Especially around the holidays, home decor stores have great gifts on their shelves. Try Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Crate & Barrel, Home Goods, Pier 1, etc. You'll be surprised at the neat stuff you find!

2. Fun Accessories

 ( Like my new shoes? Black leather Mary Jane platforms by Mix No.6 )

I wore my new heels with magenta tights from American Apparel, and the scrunched knee socks were a gift. Which got me thinking - accessories are a simple and easy gift, and that person will think of you whenever they wear them!

Christmas socks or knee high tights, a wool hat or beret, gloves or mittens with a matching scarf, a dressy clutch purse, makeup brush set...  'One size fits all' gifts like these are rarely returned too.

3. Etsy.com Finds

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Etsy.com is awesome! This website has saved my ass on so many occasions, especially when you don't know quite what to buy for someone. The handmade items are one-of-a-kind, so unique.

For example, say you have a a friend who loves/collects elephants (ahem... me!). Search for 'elephant' on Etsy and check out the fun stuff that pops up. Ornaments, home decor, accessories, jewelry, furniture, books, toys, even vintage items. Art is always an appreciated gift, and there are thousands of pieces on Etsy.

4. A Magazine Subscription

With a magazine subscription, you can literally give the gift of fashion! Vogue, Vanity Fair, W magazine, Interview magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, In Style - all great options for the style, celebrity and fashion inclined. Plus, most 1-year subscriptions only cost between about $20 and $30.

For the guy or gal who isn't into fashion (what?) there is literally a publication out there for everyone. Remember 'Horse & Hound' from Notting Hill?  The world traveler in your life might like Conde Nast Traveler, and Architectural Digest is full of beautiful imagery and home decor ideas.

I hope my gift picks help you out this holiday! XO


Karlie Kloss in the Garden

As my Jellies know, I pay much attention to American model Karlie Kloss's work. I think she's so enchanting and has such a dynamic look. There is nothing she doesn't wear with poise and perfection! So when I came across this beyond-gorgeous editorial in Vogue Deutsch (German Vogue) with Karlie Kloss as the star, I had to share it.

Karlie wears Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Ralph Lauren Collection, Chanel and more. Photography by Alexi Lubomirski. Get lost in the burgundies, greens, florals, gems & great textures :

You'll like the images of Karlie in the Asian garden...


Flurries, Fringe & Fur

It is SO very wintery here in Bismarck! I know I'm a Texas girl, but we're experiencing some serious December weather. Below zero temperatures and inches of snow that doesn't melt?  Madness!

I can't even leave the apartment without my wind-proof gloves, furry hat, knee-high boots, and layers upon layers of fleece.  But, say I had an endless budget. How might I dress myself for winter? Perhaps something like this...

Model Georgina Stojiljkovic rocks luxe furs and winter wear for Vogue Spain :

Button up your overcoat... Baby, it's cold outside!

Photography by Hunter & Gatti.
Images from Source.


Derby Days & Equestrian Inspired

Because I am already planning my trip back to Louisville for round 2 of the Kentucky Derby this year [shout-out], I spotted this editorial in Tush magazine #26 and had to share it. I am ever inspired by equestrian fashion, especially the fashion at the Derby (hooray for hats!) So I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Photography by Signe Vulstrup, the model is Dimphy Janse.  And, they're off.....

There is something so majestic and elegant about the horses that is reflected in the fashion.

If you care to see my photos from the last time I attended the Kentucky Derby with friends (2010), check out one of my first blog posts on the Jelly - click here.

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