Curious Interiors | Mitch Alfus' Loft

Mitch Alfus keeps a pretty cool New York loft. Who is Mitch Alfus?

This guy.
Apparently he is an infamous leatherman, and it shows in the way he decorates his home...

Mitch leaves nothing to the imagination (his loft has no walls) but leaves you with plenty of inspiration. Fabulous fixtures, art, textures, Turkish rugs, statues, and more. There are eclectic pieces hidden all over his crib. Check 'er out :

 vintage metal military cases for table stools

I've always wanted one of these antique chairs!

magenta rug

 exposed brick walls + reclaimed wooden table

 If you asked Mitch where to put your extra books,
he would say, just stack them on the floor.

 red acrylic kitchen + antique desk as the breakfast table

 Who says you have to hang pictures on the wall?
Who says you gotta' keep your clothes in the closet?

I'm a huge fan of gargoyles, but next to the bed? Why not.

I hope this helps answer some of your pressing interior design questions, such as
Does everything have to go in a drawer or on a shelf? or rather,
 What do I do with this random zebra hide?

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  1. I had been wondering what to do with MY zebra pelt. I had not yet tried it out as a tablecloth. Thanks for the great suggestion! :o)

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  3. It's a beautiful thing I've never seen anywhere before. Thank you for taking the look.



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