Karlie Kloss in the Garden

As my Jellies know, I pay much attention to American model Karlie Kloss's work. I think she's so enchanting and has such a dynamic look. There is nothing she doesn't wear with poise and perfection! So when I came across this beyond-gorgeous editorial in Vogue Deutsch (German Vogue) with Karlie Kloss as the star, I had to share it.

Karlie wears Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Ralph Lauren Collection, Chanel and more. Photography by Alexi Lubomirski. Get lost in the burgundies, greens, florals, gems & great textures :

You'll like the images of Karlie in the Asian garden...

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  1. She's absolutely gorgeous and embarrassed to say that I never heard of her before. I don't really follow models so maybe that's why ... LOL.!!

    Great blog and of course following you back now doll. Let's keep in touch.

    <3 Marina


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