A Birthday For Lizz

This past weekend brought a fabulous 26th Birthday for me - Joyeux Anniversaire a Lizz!

Those who don't know me personally, I know what you're thinking: Wha? 26? But she looks 15...  We'll chalk that up to my somewhat underdeveloped figure and the height inherited from my short parents.

Last year, I had my birthday while living in Tokyo - enjoying high tea with the ladies and a skyscraper view with my then fiancee. So I knew this year's Bismarck Bday was going to differ from the last, but it was no less special.

We started by throwing out the old and welcoming the new...

The Hubs has been hatin' on my neon running shoes for a while. I told him that buying nice workout shoes wasn't a priority of mine, so he sweetly took matters into his own hands...

Yay! Funky new Nikes

After the treat of a manicure, a wine toast at my girlfriend Hope's boutique downtown (Lot 2029), and some pretty legit margaritas, we attended my Hubby's basketball game.

The Entertainment Squad surprised me during the game with a confetti shower and a delicious cake. Thanks, Wizards!

It didn't last long - the cake went from this...

To this :

 And then... nom nom nom

A big ol' THANKS to my Hubs and Bismarck buddies for the fabulous
evening of dancing, drinks and love.

I feel blessed to have another year under my belt, friends and family I couldn't live without, and to have spent my birthday in another adventure-filled place.


Fashion is Funny...

I thought my fellow Fashion Freaks would enjoy this funny video called Sh*t Fashion Girls Say...
Thank you, Intern Remi (who is no longer my intern because I moved to the Arctic tundra) for the video tip!

I am undoubtedly guilty of a few of these phrases.
But wait... there's a Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part Two!  

Watch more hilarious videos at their YouTube channel The Platform.



A Winter Zoo Trip

Have you ever visited a Zoo during the winter? Well, "weather permitting" (as the website states) the Dakota Zoo is open in Bismarck during the cold months too, so the Hubs and I decided to make a day trip out of it. You may remember when I dragged him through the rain to the Shinagawa Aquarium in Tokyo... Come rain, snow or shine, I love animals!

Although some of the outdoor enclosures were empty, I was rather impressed by the upkeep and activity at the Zoo. Here are a few of the sights we saw :

 Try not to focus on my silly hat... look how big this Goat was!
We became fast friends. (Check out the photobomber in the back)

This Miniature Donkey was a bit shy at first, but he eventually wandered over for some love...

Casey named him Eddie Murphy

Me kissing a Shetland Pony


Two humps! This Camel gave us the stare-down


A sleeping puff

Porcupine! They're surprisingly cute.

A wise looking Owl - he seemed offended by the camera

A Coyote, taking a break from chasing the roadrunner.


I'd never seen Wolves at a zoo - they are so much like dogs...

I loved the Tigers...

I did not love the Giant Hissing Cockroaches [shiver] ...

And the Dakota Zoo really made my day with the primate house...

These lil guys kept trying to play with my hat through the glass...

And we got to witness grooming time.

A great Zoo day!


Vintage Vixen

Not only was our wedding Vintage themed, but lately I've really been into images and art from the 1920s. I saw this L'Officiel Paris editorial featuring model Naomi Preizler by photog Alexander Neumann and was instantly inspired. I must get to work on putting together a vintage outfit... it always seems to be in style!

I want to bring paper fans back... 

Lipstick heels

Velvet couch 

Gorgeous skirt silhouette

Tres magnifique, oui?

And stay tuned... I've been working on another commissioned art piece for a friend.
Photos to come!

Images from Source.


Zodiac Art

The start of a new year means going around the astrological calendar again. I loved this editorial photographed by Tim Gutt for Vogue UK magazine. Model Siri Tollerod poses as each of the star signs with playfulness. Snaps for set designer Shona Heath and stylist Kate Phelan too.

I'm an Aquarius (my birthday is right around the corner!) in every facet of the sign. But I liked the Taurus and Virgo signs in this artistic and fashion-friendly editorial. Which sign are you? :

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of Aquariusssss...

Images from Source.


Disney Fashion Magic

When I was young and my family lived in Orlando, I relished our trips to Disney World and the theme parks. Something about them... I thought I could feel magic in the air. Colors were brighter, there was activity buzzing, and I was always guaranteed to see one of my favorite Disney characters.

So when I saw the images in this Elle France magazine editorial, the kid in me lit up. Model Heather Marks shines with Disney magic for this January cover and spread by photog David Burton. When you wish upon a star...

Raise your hand if you ever got wonderfully dizzy on the teacups ride!

The Haunted Mansion was one of my favorites.

I love this outfit!

Bye Bye Princess...

Images from Source.