A Birthday For Lizz

This past weekend brought a fabulous 26th Birthday for me - Joyeux Anniversaire a Lizz!

Those who don't know me personally, I know what you're thinking: Wha? 26? But she looks 15...  We'll chalk that up to my somewhat underdeveloped figure and the height inherited from my short parents.

Last year, I had my birthday while living in Tokyo - enjoying high tea with the ladies and a skyscraper view with my then fiancee. So I knew this year's Bismarck Bday was going to differ from the last, but it was no less special.

We started by throwing out the old and welcoming the new...

The Hubs has been hatin' on my neon running shoes for a while. I told him that buying nice workout shoes wasn't a priority of mine, so he sweetly took matters into his own hands...

Yay! Funky new Nikes

After the treat of a manicure, a wine toast at my girlfriend Hope's boutique downtown (Lot 2029), and some pretty legit margaritas, we attended my Hubby's basketball game.

The Entertainment Squad surprised me during the game with a confetti shower and a delicious cake. Thanks, Wizards!

It didn't last long - the cake went from this...

To this :

 And then... nom nom nom

A big ol' THANKS to my Hubs and Bismarck buddies for the fabulous
evening of dancing, drinks and love.

I feel blessed to have another year under my belt, friends and family I couldn't live without, and to have spent my birthday in another adventure-filled place.


  1. girl you look hot! and the cake looks delishhhh!


    Dirt + Diamonds

  2. wow your new nikes are awesome, i love anything thats pink!

    the ugly moments

  3. Where did you get your nikes? They are sooo cute! I've been tryna fina neon nike running shoes and cant seem to find ones I like but those are friggin awesome :)

  4. Replies
    1. Since I purchased those Nike Free running shoes, the 'Free' brand has come out with so many more interesting patterns and colors. Go online to Nike.com and check em all out! xo LA

  5. Anonymous3/15/2013

    Your nikes are fake you can tell by the tick not being a bitch just letting you know sorry

    1. Not fake, purchased at a Nike retailer. Thanks for reading though! xo LA


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