A Winter Zoo Trip

Have you ever visited a Zoo during the winter? Well, "weather permitting" (as the website states) the Dakota Zoo is open in Bismarck during the cold months too, so the Hubs and I decided to make a day trip out of it. You may remember when I dragged him through the rain to the Shinagawa Aquarium in Tokyo... Come rain, snow or shine, I love animals!

Although some of the outdoor enclosures were empty, I was rather impressed by the upkeep and activity at the Zoo. Here are a few of the sights we saw :

 Try not to focus on my silly hat... look how big this Goat was!
We became fast friends. (Check out the photobomber in the back)

This Miniature Donkey was a bit shy at first, but he eventually wandered over for some love...

Casey named him Eddie Murphy

Me kissing a Shetland Pony


Two humps! This Camel gave us the stare-down


A sleeping puff

Porcupine! They're surprisingly cute.

A wise looking Owl - he seemed offended by the camera

A Coyote, taking a break from chasing the roadrunner.


I'd never seen Wolves at a zoo - they are so much like dogs...

I loved the Tigers...

I did not love the Giant Hissing Cockroaches [shiver] ...

And the Dakota Zoo really made my day with the primate house...

These lil guys kept trying to play with my hat through the glass...

And we got to witness grooming time.

A great Zoo day!

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