Newsprint Nails

When it comes to nail polish, I am generally adventurous in my color choices only. But after watching a few tutorial videos and seeing the great results of my friend Taylor's attempt, I decided to try Newsprint Nails for myself.

Image from source.

Haven't heard of or seen newsprint nails? You essentially use your own fingernail as a transfer to pick up ink from newsprint paper. I love the effect because it's eye-catching and a fun change of pace. Just give yourself some time to perfect the technique...

I documented my first attempt for yall. I'm not saying my technique is flawless or the best way to achieve the look. If you have any great tips or suggestions, please share with us!

Begin with 2 base coats of white, beige or grey nail polish:

I used a light grey Essie color called 'Master Plan'. Bwa-ha-ha-ha

Have a dozen or more cut-up strips of newsprint (matte, not glossy) and a small jar of rubbing alcohol prepared:

I read one tutorial where the chick used vodka instead of rubbing alcohol,
but what a terrible waste of vodka!

One (dry) fingernail at a time, dip nail into rubbing alcohol for about 10 seconds. Then place a strip of newsprint over your nail; press it firmly against the nail for about 15 seconds to transfer the ink:

I don't think I pressed long or hard enough on the newsprint... it didn't transfer as well as I thought it would. However, one tutorial told me to dip the nail again and use another newsprint piece to double-up on the print. It's still a cool effect.

On one thumb, I used a newsprint strip with larger print on it, and that nail turned out great:

Finish with 1-2 coats of thick, clear top coat.

There you go... Newsprint nails. They're all the rage. If you try my technique, feel free to report back with your results!


  1. Oooh, i've been wanting to try this but was skeptical about it working. I think I'll give it a go.

    Had the same reaction when I read about the vodka...glad I'm not the only one.

    1. I have come to the conclusion that the ink would show up best on a lighter base color, like white or beige. Maybe try that!


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