Skiing in Montana

It is easy to see why Montana is called big sky country. It is my Hubby's favorite state, and now that we've had the opportunity to visit it together, I can see why!

We had a few free days away from Hubby's basketball team, so we decided to take a ski trip in Red Lodge, Montana. It's a quirky little town with friendly folks and some seriously sweet skiing.

Rentals... check!

I'm pretty sure I was given children's skis... 

We brought along our friend Andrew who was a great ski coach and trail guide.

We sampled the local brews at the ski lodge. 

And played in the snow...


Thank you for an amazing time, Red Lodge! We'll never forget the trip.


  1. Mama Hill2/20/2012

    You all look very happy!!! I love you face down snow angel,,,,,,a twist on an old favorite

  2. Looks beautiful! Way to take on winter with hot pink and your usual joie de vivre.

  3. Haha! Thanks Billi <3


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