Watercolor Experiments

While I am partial to oil paints, I thought it was time to experiement with a new medium. I bought a watercolor palette from Hobby Lobby and found that watercolor paints are staggeringly less expensive than oil paints! All you need is water and thick paper.

My oldest sister's and BFF's birthdays are on the same day, so I decided to do watercolor paintings for them. (I may be short-changing them on their gifts because I'm still in the experimentation stage of watercolors, but I hope the gals enjoy their art nonetheless.)

For my sister - the trained chef - who is a wine lover like moi:

And for my bestie, a still life painting. For the years and years we have known each other, she has called me 'Pear' and I have called her 'Peach' (I dont even really remember why). But the painting may be a quirky reminder of our long-lasting friendship:

I think both pieces would look best matted in little square frames. Maybe they can be good kitchen or bathroom decor?

I also have to say a big THANK YOU to my mom-in-law Pam for the awesome birthday gift she brought back with her from China. I love my Chinese caligraphy brushes!

Xie Xie, Pamela!

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