Anniversary of the 'Quake

Can you believe that it has been 1 whole year since I reported on our big 9.0 earthquake in Japan? On one hand, it feels like that fateful day happened ages ago. Today I re-read the blog post I made that day, March 11 2011... then it all comes rushing back to me.  To read it, CLICK HERE

I think that photo-less post sums it up well.

Looking back, I'll never forget how scared we were but how blessed we felt to come out of it in one piece. Today we pray for the lives lost that day, from the tsunami in Sendai and others throughout Japan. I also reflect warmly on the composure maintained by the Japanese people during that week of chaos and uncertainty; I admire their continued diligence to rebuild their country and their reverence shown for a day that will remain in infamy for the Japanese culture.

To our friends and friends-like-family in Japan, we miss you dearly!

You may also enjoy THIS POST about my last photos from and the events that transpired before we evacuated Tokyo (including a very interesting Santa Claus-themed hotel). Arigato Gozai mas.

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