DIY Magnetic Frames

While sister was here, we took on a few crafty projects like these DIY magnetic photo frames for the fridge. I was looking for an inexpensive yet personalized way to organize the photos on our refrigerator. This is how we made a pair...

Step 1:   Visit Hobby Lobby for supplies - wooden frames, acrylic or spraypaint, adhesive, and magnets.

I picked this 5x7 frame and 4x6 frame for $3 each. Be sure to select wooden frames that do not have the cardboard stabilizer in the back (it gets in the way).

Step 2:   Paint the frames with desired color of acrylic paint. Because we have a black fridge, I used contrasting white paint. Spraypaint is even faster to use but more messy.

Step 3:  With a strong adhesive, glue your magnets to the 4 corners of the frame.

On the bigger frame, I used 6 magnets for extra security.

Once the adhesive dries, put your photos in the frames and arrange them on the fridge.

My fridge looked instantly more organized. Now I want to make more frames and cover the fridge!

The best part is that you can change the paint color as frequently as you like. You can even paint a pattern or stencil some text onto them. If going from a dark color to a lighter color, I recommend painting a coat of white in between.
Have fun!


  1. I will definitely give this DIY magnetic frame a try. This is so cute. And it is one great way to have my favourite photo on display. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea.

    1. So glad you got some use out of my (somewhat crude) tutorial. These frames have lasted through many moves and always get compliments from guests! XO - L


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