DIY | A Spring Wreath

I was heading out the door to make my monthly trip to Hobby Lobby. Then I realized, 'I can easily recycle some of the faux folliage I already have.'  I wanted to turn my winter wreath into a spring wreath. Here's how I did it :

I started by taking the holiday berry stems I had from my Christmas wreath...

And employed my trusty DIY crafts best friend: Mr. White Spraypaint

Then the berries looked like this:

Then I waited for the spraypaint to dry.
While I waited, I mixed my paint palette. These are the colors I planned to paint the berries:

My spring-inspired palette: heather grey, lemon yellow, pale blue and mint green

Also while I waited, I decided it was Wine O'clock... 

Then I began painting the berries, one color at a time, until every berry was painted.
I couldn't lay the stem down on anything to dry, so I used a skinny vase:

Once the berries were dry, I worked the stems into my twig wreath.
This is the base I use for all my wreaths - just $7 from Michaels.

 TA-DA! Finished product: a bright and inviting spring wreath that didn't cost anything extra.
I simply used paint and products I already had in my house.

I know what you're thinking now:  Lizz, that wine looked muy delicioso. What do you drink?

My latest favorite label is The Show from Argentina. Try the Malbec!

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  1. mama hill3/30/2012

    I LOVE the crafty before and after...it looks like an Easter wreath! Adding the wine was inspired!


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