Painty & Bubbly Art

As an artist, I find that one of the best places to find natural inspiration is from the works of other artists. I thought these vibrant, abstract series from Europe-based Jane Thomas and Yago Hortal were as inspiring as they were downright fun to look at.

Images from Scotland-based artist Jane Thomas, part of her Soap Film project:

To photograph these images, Thomas mixes soap, water and sugar in interesting ways. How she gets the mixture to make these designs, I haven't the foggiest!

Some pieces of Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist Yago Hortal's abstract expressionism:

Hortal uses acrylic paint to dribble, smear and splatter these designs on canvas. Trendland called it "cerebral, emotional and physical discharge." Her work reminds me of a modern day Jackson Pollock, undoubtedly just as exciting to create as it is to view.

Uh oh, my creative gears are a'spinning...

Images and info from Source and Source.

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