Phone Photos | Vol. 2

I haven't done a Phone Photos installment in a while. Most times, these photos are not the best quality; but many times, our phones are with us at the right moment to capture the right shot.

Here, a few images I snapped with the trusty ol' Samsung:

Two of four bear cubs at the Dakota Zoo.
It was such a joy to watch them wrestle with each other.

A navy and white parrot lamp I have been in love with.
From my friend's boutique, Lot 2029

I went jogging by the livestock auction stables here in Bismarck one day (something about the smell of alfalfa hay is comforting to me). It's usually cattle, but this day I saw pretty horses waiting peacefully.

I loved the way this one horse was sleeping, just like a big dog.

I didn't take this photo. My friend Elle sent it to me. She said it reminded her of me.
And that made my day.

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