Lot2029 LookBook | A Silky Dress

This colorful print dress was so silky it felt like a nighty.
Hope added a thick yellow beaded necklace, assorted bangles, and a thrifted leather belt.
 Shoes? Who needs em!

I loved shooting at this location for Lot2029, on the sandy banks of a river peppered with driftwood.

Photography and styling by Hope Madonna.
Images property of Lot2029 for their Spring/Summer LookBook


Lot2029 LookBook | A Sheer Night Out

The eagle has landed. The Hubby and I have reached our final destination for the summer: the quietly stylish hill country town of Boerne, Texas. Yeehaw!

And now, more from my photoshoot with Hope for the Lot2029 Spring/Summer LookBook :

A muy caliente evening look -
Black, layered lace shorts and mini camisole underneath a sheer, coral high-low blouse. Hope added a pair of bejeweled platform sandals for funzees.

Hope says that the peek-a-boo back is her favorite feature of the blouse. YOW!

I don't think I could pull off this look,
but I can see the tan-skinned Miami or LA girls rockin' a sexy outfit like this one!

Styled and photographed by Hope Madonna


Lot2929 LookBook | Lace & Prints

Hey everyone! We're back safely in Texas - not yet to our final destination for the summer, but visiting beloved friends and family on our way. I missed this warm weather!

As promised, here are images from my photoshoot with Hope for her boutique, Lot2029 (located in downtown Bismarck). Let the Spring/Summer Lookbook begin :

Black lace mini camisole layered under creamy lace blouse - I love the button back.
Floral/polka dot print shorts with pink rosette heels.

Styled & photographed by Hope of Lot2029. Makeup & hair by me. 
Images property of Hope Madonna.


On the Road Again...

Guess who is moving their life across the country yet again... the Hubs and I!

We're turning off our internet tomorrow, and we will be on the road for a couple days AKA I have to take a momentary break from Jelly Blog until we are safely at our next destination.

But, STAY TUNED for an upcoming post about my super fun on-location photoshoot with my girlfriend Hope for her boutique, Lot2029.  Because I hate to leave yall empty-handed, here's a teaser :

Photography by Hope Wald


Gaultier Loves Diet Coke

If you're a fashion freak like moi, you'll recognize the face on the latest Diet Coke advertisements:

It's lil Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier! The soda brand released images of it's new campaign of bottle designs which feature a look that is signature Gaultier: sailor stripes and corsets.

Coke may only be releasing the limited edition bottles in Europe, but we can still enjoy the ads...

In my head, I hear a French woman's voice doing the post-sip "Aaaaaaaaaaaah"

Images from Source


My Reads | Tina & Kelly

I just finished a hilarious read from one of my favorite comediennes, Tina Fey. If you are interested in comedy writing, if you are intrigued by the behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live, if you want some insight into Tina's life, or if you're simply a lover of comedy (and who isn't?) - give this book a read. Sometimes I literally laughed out loud while reading.

 Bossypants by Tina Fey

'What is your next read, Lizz?' you may be thinking...

After my obsession with yet another season of America's Next Top Model, I became interested in panel judge Kelly Cutrone. Above being a judge, Kelly is an incredibly driven entrepreneur and 'PR maven' with her company, People's Revolution. She's witty and unapologetic, she's got an acid tongue, and she has deep insight into the world of fashion and public relations. Not for the faint of heart:

Normal Gets You Nowhere by Kelly Cutrone with Meredith Bryan

And here's a fun idea in recycling - Are you being buried by your collection of monthly fashion magazines?

The Hubby and I are moving again... But instead of driving around to find a paper recycle bin (Bismarck has apparently missed the boat on the importance of environmental hygiene), I decided to donate my big ol' stack of magazines to my gym.

Most doctor's offices, hair salons and spas, and exercise facilities are happy to accept 
donations of magazines and periodicals.

Happy Reading (and Recycling), Jellies!

Stock image from Source


B&W in a Cafe

My last post was about explosive color. But today, kids, we're going to focus on the beauty of black and white. Black and white, sexy 1970s curls and sweet, sweet fashion.

Enjoy this editorial from Vogue Russia :

Model Magdalena Frackowiak is photographed by Claudia Knoepful and Stefan Indlekofer

(Woops... some red got in there)

The quaint cafe setting reminds me of those in Paris.
 Un thé s'il vous plaît !

Speaking of Paris, is anyone vacationing to any interesting destinations this summer?

Images from Source


Dreaming in TechniColor

If you're like me, sometimes all you need for inspiration in your day is a pop of color. Although I'm into my springy pastels lately, this spread in the March issue of Allure magazine had me gaga over its vibrant, exotic hues.

This spread by famed photog Mario Testino features florals, My Little Pony-like rainbow hair, and
funky-fun makeup.

Perhaps I should get a little cray-cray with my big eyeshadow palette. But then I'm not sure how ready Bismarck is for the violet smoky eye. I think local folks are just getting used to seeing me stomp around in my stilettos...

Images from Source


I Want Candy

Who knew Marie Claire China could be so girly and delicious?

I've gotten into pinks and purples lately, even trying to like sweets again (I'm the only gal I know who has zero affinity for the sugary stuff). I betcha' this editorial by Amber Gray with doe-eyed models Masha P. and Anna I. will have you reaching for the macaroons and petit fours :

 Cotton candy hair!

 I must have this peach lace-up jacket.
And I have striped stockings... why, when I wear them, does it always look like a costume?

Images from Source