I Want Candy

Who knew Marie Claire China could be so girly and delicious?

I've gotten into pinks and purples lately, even trying to like sweets again (I'm the only gal I know who has zero affinity for the sugary stuff). I betcha' this editorial by Amber Gray with doe-eyed models Masha P. and Anna I. will have you reaching for the macaroons and petit fours :

 Cotton candy hair!

 I must have this peach lace-up jacket.
And I have striped stockings... why, when I wear them, does it always look like a costume?

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  1. Very eye catching. Nice post


  2. Is it just me or did they feature something along these lines on America's Next Top Model? Who had the idea first? Fab pics though.

    Check out my creations...perfect for a jet setter like you ;-)



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