Phone Photos | Vol. 3

Every now and again, I gather the photos I've taken with my phone and compile them into a blog entry. While there is generally no cohesion between images, I think it's still interesting to review the subjects I deemed photograph-able.

Volume 3 of Phone Photos a la Lizz :

These plastic gals I photographed while shopping one day in Dallas.
The grey gown is from H&M, the summer look is by Vince Camuto at Dillards.

A large painting I saw at brunch in Louisville

 The Hubby at the driving range

 Sunset view back home, Lake Travis TX

Gigi, the family boxer, playing in the pool

Best friends - Kaiser and me

Kaiser thoroughly enjoying his new bedsheets, Spongebob themed of course

Assorted doorknobs I bunched together at Anthropologie

Indian rug shopping with my mom-in-law

Experimenting with pin-striped nails

The gift I made for our 'smart' friend who just earned his PhD

Hubby and I trying our hand at paddle boarding. I recommend!

I also recommend attempting a headstand...

*I don't wear thongs to the lake... that's the black strap of the emergency harness


What I'm Wearing | Fiesta Red

The Hubby and I attended a soiree in San Antonio for a friend who just earned his PhD (Yay Reese!). In the spirit of partying, I wore fiesta red...

Pleated shift dress from Dillards, a beige patent leather belt, turquoise earrings, borrowed cuff, and...
new shoes!

Uber-tall cork and canvas heels bought from a boutique here in Boerne


(Check out Hubby's new kicks - sometimes we accidentally match)

I always have a good time with my fashionable ladyfriends.
Congratulations Dr. McKay!


Vintage Beach Couture

It's pool and beach season, peeps!
I will not be posting any Lizz-in-a-saucy-swimsuit photos, but I thought yall would enjoy this
retro-inspired editorial from Vogue Turkey (May 2012).

Photographers Luciana Val and Franco Musso added a touch of vintage soft focus and just the right amount of modern panache. Showcasing classic swimwear from labels like Prada, YSL and Louis Vuitton is model Juju (awesome first name) Ivanyuk :

If you're like me, you probably gift yourself a new bikini each beach season.
Where did you find your swimsuit this year?

Images from SOURCE


Lot2029 LookBook | River Nymph

Our taste of summer through the Lot2029 LookBook has come to a close. I must say Thank You again to my dear friend Hope Wald up in Dakota for her fabulous styling, photography and colorful vision for her current line of clothing.

We leave you with not so much an outfit, more the whimsical visage of a river nymph - a sheer sage green tunic and vintage beaded necklace.

Images courtesy of the Lot2029 boutique in Bismarck, ND

Curious about Lot2029? Click HERE to visit their Facebook page to check out their lovely clothing and their musings on furniture and home decor.

Sending Texas-sized hugs to co-owners Hope Wald and her mother Madonna Wald,
 the sweetest gals in Bismarck!


Lot2029 LookBook | You Are My Sunshine

For her Spring/Summer LookBook, Hope styled me in these slinky separates. I adore the lemon yellow corset top, and who doesn't love white denim?

Although this look goes against my Dont show off your shoulders and tatas if you're showing off your legs rule, I suppose I'll let it slide this once...

Hope accessorized with neon yellow bangles. The stilettos are my own by Jessica Simpson
 (surprisingly comfortable!)

Images courtesy of Lot2029 in Bismarck, ND


Lot2029 LookBook | Western Haute

A lesson in layering from Lot2029 ~ a chic Western inspired look

Hope is such a creative stylist, teaching me how to layer pieces I would never have thought to layer.

She put this tan, mesh-sleeved jacket over a mini camisole and black lace shorts. Then she layered the denim vest on top of the ensemble. Love!

From the Spring/Summer LookBook for Lot2029 boutique in Bismarck


Chanel Cruises Like It's 1769

When I got an email yesterday about the Chanel Cruise Collection for 2013, I hesitated to take a gander - only because I presumed it would be your run-of-the-mill collection of couture one-piece swimsuits, beige tweed with black Chanel logo on the lapel.

Wrong-O! Mr. Lagerfeld did not disappoint. The label brought its classic Chanel-ness (lace, tweed, large buttons, pastel color palette) and stirred in a loving spoonful of Marie Antoinette French bourgeois style. Then they added a dash of Japanese Lolita flavor. Voila!

A few of my favorite looks from the outdoor runway show:


Tres magnifique, oui? 

Images from Source